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Make your own MJ farm in an abandoned building



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iGrow Game Demo is an odd game where you have to go room by room through the ten floors in an abandoned building to find the best place to plant your marijuana farm. The dark bloc you move through can get quite confusing as you wander through it with no sense of time and under strange physical conditions.

When the game starts, you'll have a significant amount of money that you need to be smart about investing, as you'll have to pay for the containers, water, seeds, and lights, and fork out even more as your plants' needs grow. Each pot needs time to grow – at minimum a full day – so you just keep wandering around the building waiting for them to grow.

To collect the return on your full investment, you have to get a good harvest and then sell it, as without an income you can't plant again. You've got eight pots per room and more than 30 different varieties, so create good combinations and get rich as you raise your weed empire.

iGrow Game Demo is played in the first person, meaning you have to get involved in the game in a special way. You'll likely need a rest as time passes, or you might end up a bit damaged by the effects on your character.

This demo only lets you play up to level 3.

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